Why choose Susswein Law?

It’s your career. Your reputation. We defend it. Susswein Law is a preeminent employment law boutique solely representing employees — not employers, corporations, government agencies, or other organizations. We are your David to their Goliath, protecting your interests from pre-employment contract negotiations and non-competes to employment disputes, severance, whistleblowing exposures, or other retaliations.

We listen

In our experience, the kernel of many successful legal strategies is in the details. You have a story to tell. We listen. Whether you are at the beginning of a new engagement, negotiating your compensation package, or evaluating a separation or non-compete agreement with your current employer, we take the time to understand the players, recognize the issues, assess potential exposures, and account for possible variables to craft a sound legal strategy that presents your case best advantage.

We strategize

At the heart of every employment negotiation, workplace complaint resolution, or whistleblower retaliation claim is a clear-cut legal strategy. Clients can rely on us to listen carefully, identify critical issues, substantiate claims, evaluate your options, and develop practical legal tactics to resolve outstanding issues.

We resolve

No two contract negotiations, litigations, or mediations are the same. Our deep knowledge and long experience in representing the needs of employees and anticipating the strategies of opposing counsel ensures we are well-positioned to identify appropriate legal options in the best interest of each client.

You work hard for your employer. Susswein Law works hard for you.


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